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Passive Active Voice Present Simple Exercises with Answers 3 Levels

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Elevate your English Grammar skills with our engaging passive active voice present simple exercises! Perfect for teachers and learners, our online quizzes offer interactive learning experiences. Dive into English Grammar practice with examples, corrections, and quizzes. Boost your language proficiency today!

EFL Lesson Details

Grammar ItemSimple Present: Passive Form and Active Form
Objectives– Practice correct usage of simple present in both passive and active forms.
– Reinforce understanding of verb conjugation and sentence structure.
– Challenge with nuanced usage of passive constructions.
Activity TypeMulti-Choice Fill in Blank Exercises
LevelsBeginners, Intermediate, and Advanced
Quiz Questions30

Passive Active Voice Present Simple Exercises with Answers & Language Test Quiz

Welcome to an immersive journey into English Grammar excellence! Today, we present a treasure trove of online exercises focusing on Passive and Active Voice Present Simple. As educators and learners alike, harness the power of interactive quizzes to elevate your language skills. These exercises provide a dynamic platform for honing grammar proficiency, making the learning experience both enjoyable and effective.

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Passive Active Voice Present Simple 3 Levels Grammar Quiz

Why invest your time in these exercises? Mastering passive and active voice present simple enhances your language fluency, enabling you to communicate more precisely and eloquently. Engage in our interactive quizzes, apply the rules, and witness your grammar prowess flourish.

Free Interactive ESL English Grammar Exercises

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English Language Learning Quiz

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English Grammar Rules

Grammar ItemRuleExamplesImportance
Simple Present Active FormVerbs in the base form (without ‘to’) are used with most subjects.“She reads a book every day.” / “They play soccer on weekends.”Foundation for expressing routine actions.
Simple Present Passive FormFormed using ‘am/is/are’ + past participle.“A book is read by her every day.” / “Soccer is played by them on weekends.”Used to emphasize the action or the receiver.
Singular SubjectsUse ‘is’ with singular subjects: he, she, it.“He goes to school.” / “She eats lunch.”Ensures correct verb conjugation with singular subjects.
Plural SubjectsUse ‘are’ with plural subjects: you, we, they.“You study English.” / “They work hard.”Ensures correct verb conjugation with plural subjects.
Importance of Active FormExpresses who or what is performing the action.“The teacher explains the lesson.” / “Cats chase mice.”Essential for communicating actions and subjects clearly.
Importance of Passive FormShifts focus to the receiver of the action.“The lesson is explained by the teacher.” / “Mice are chased by cats.”Useful for emphasizing the result or impact of the action.
Active vs. Passive UsageActive is more common and straightforward. Passive is used for emphasis or when the doer is unknown or less important.“She writes a letter.” vs. “A letter is written by her.”Provides flexibility and nuance in expressing actions.

Understanding these distinctions will refine your English expression and make your communication more precise. Happy learning! 🌟

ESL Games Online: Passive Active Voice Present Simple Examples

Exercise 1: Beginners Level

  1. The cookies __ by Mom every weekend.
    • a. bakes
    • b. are baked
    • c. baking
  2. My homework __ by my sister yesterday.
    • a. is done
    • b. done
    • c. does
  3. The letter __ by the postman right now.
    • a. delivers
    • b. is delivering
    • c. delivering

Exercise 2: Intermediate Level

  1. The project report __ by the team last week.
    • a. was completed
    • b. completes
    • c. completing
  2. The keys __ on the table by the time I realized I forgot them.
    • a. left
    • b. were left
    • c. leave
  3. The documentary __ by millions of viewers around the world.
    • a. watches
    • b. is watched
    • c. watching

Exercise 3: Advanced Level

  1. The ancient manuscript ____________ for centuries before its discovery.
    • a. has been lost
    • b. lost
    • c. loses
  2. The complex equation ____________ by the mathematician during his research.
    • a. was solved
    • b. solves
    • c. solving
  3. The theory ____________ by many scientists, but not all agree.
    • a. is debated
    • b. debating
    • c. debates
Passive Active Voice Present Simple Exercises with Answers 3 Levels 3


In conclusion, our passive and active voice present simple exercises offer not just a learning opportunity but a language transformation. As you navigate through the quizzes, examples, and corrections, remember that each click is a step closer to linguistic mastery. Embrace the journey, relish the challenges, and watch as your proficiency in English Grammar reaches new heights.

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Keep practicing, keep playing, and let the beauty of language unfold before you. Happy learning! 🌐📝

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