Present Perfect Continuous Online Exercises

تمارين تفاعلية لمراجعة قواعد اللغة الانجليزية: المضارع التام

Try our free present perfect continuous online exercises ESL quiz to test and practice the different forms of this English present tense. We will cove the three following forms that every learner should master:


  • Affirmative Form
  • Questions Form
  • Negative Form


When Do You Use Present Perfect Continuous:

Usually, when we use sentences with the Present Perfect Continuous, we want to indicate clearly that the action is still continuing or progressing into the present. It is not yet completed.

Some verbs are much more commonly found in the continuous form with has been + ing or have been + ing form:

  • wait,
  • lie,
  • sit,
  • stand,
  • live,
  • rest,
  • learn,
  • study ….


This is because these verbs, by their nature, describe a continuous activity, which is almost a state. To have a broader and more detailed ideas, we recommend you check our grammar section.


Present Perfect Continuous Examples:


  1. My brothers have been living here since 2006. ( and they still do)
  2. The secretary has been working since 1998.
  3. My kids have been learning English for seven years. ( and they are still learning it)

Present Perfect Continuous Online Exercises


In this educational online interactive quiz for students, you need to write your answer(s) in the provided gap, then you can click on the button below to check your answer(s) and get final score after each quiz.

You can also download these quizzes to PDF if you want to practice them offline or use them in the classroom by saving the HTML version. You can get correction in our YouTube channel.


Please consider punctuation and use capitals when needed e.g. the start of a sentence or for names when writing your answers, and avoid short forms, or it will be marked as wrong.

Hope you enjoyed our present perfect continuous online exercises. Keep practicing, and your level will certainly get better.

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