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50 ESL Classroom Language Phrases with Examples

Have you ever found yourself struggling to communicate effectively in an ESL classroom? Whether you’re a teacher or a student, mastering the appropriate language phrases can significantly enhance the learning experience. Imagine being able to effortlessly manage classroom activities and interactions with confidence and clarity. In this article, we’ll explore 50 essential ESL classroom language phrases with examples that will empower both teachers and students to navigate the dynamic world of English language learning.

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50 ESL Common Classroom Language Phrases with Examples

Whether you’re looking to boost your teaching skills or enhance your participation as a student, these ESL classroom language phrases are sure to elevate the quality of communication within the educational setting.

Classroom Management Classroom Language Phrases

Explore and integrate these key phrases to create a dynamic learning environment that fosters participation, understanding, and a positive educational atmosphere.

#1. Phrase: Take your seats.

  • Usage: Asking students to find their places.
  • Example: “Class, take your seats. We’re starting the lesson.”

#2. Phrase: Open your textbooks to page 20.

  • Usage: Instructing students to turn to a specific page.
  • Example: “Please open your textbooks to page 20. We’ll be reading together.”

#3. Phrase: Listen carefully.

  • Usage: Requesting students’ full attention.
  • Example: “Class, listen carefully. This is important information.”

#4. Phrase: Raise your hand to speak.

  • Usage: Establishing order during discussions.
  • Example: “Remember to raise your hand before speaking to avoid interruptions.”

#5. Phrase: Pack up your belongings.

  • Usage: Signaling the end of the class or activity.
  • Example: “It’s time to pack up your belongings. Class is over for today.”

#6. Phrase: Quiet down, please.

  • Usage: Asking for a reduction in noise or chatter.
  • Example: “Class, quiet down, please. We need to focus on our work.”

#7. Phrase: Pay attention.

  • Usage: Requesting students to focus on the lesson or information.
  • Example: “It’s time to start. Everyone, please pay attention to the board.”

#8. Phrase: Finish up your assignments.

  • Usage: Indicating that it’s time to complete given tasks.
  • Example: “The bell is about to ring. Finish up your assignments quickly.”

#9. Phrase: Take out a sheet of paper.

#10. Phrase: Stand in a straight line.

  • Usage: Organizing students in an orderly line formation.
  • Example: “Before we head to the gym, please stand in a straight line.”

Classroom Activities Instructions Phrases

#11. Phrase: Sharpen your pencils.

  • Usage: Asking students to prepare writing tools.
  • Example: “Before we begin, please sharpen your pencils for the activity.”

#12. Phrase: Turn off your electronic devices.

  • Usage: Instructing students to power down electronic gadgets.
  • Example: “During the exam, remember to turn off your electronic devices.”

#13. Phrase: Form a study group.

  • Usage: Encouraging collaboration for academic purposes.
  • Example: “For the project, you can form a study group to share ideas.”

#14. Phrase: Clear your desks.

  • Usage: Requesting students to remove items from their desks.
  • Example: “Before the test, please clear your desks of any non-essential items.

#15. Phrase: Line up for dismissal.

  • Usage: Organizing students for leaving the classroom.
  • Example: “As the bell rings, please line up for dismissal in an orderly manner.”

#16. Phrase: Close your textbooks.

  • Usage: Instructing students to finish reading or studying.
  • Example: “We’ve completed the chapter. Please close your textbooks for now.”

#17. Phrase: Work in pairs.

#18. Phrase: Take a break.

  • Usage: Allowing students a short recess or rest period.
  • Example: “After the intensive session, let’s take a break for refreshments.”

#19. Phrase: Hand in your assignments.

  • Usage: Collecting completed homework or projects.
  • Example: “Before you leave, remember to hand in your completed assignments at the front.”

#20. Phrase: Stay focused during the test.

  • Usage: Reminding students to maintain concentration during an examination.
  • Example: “Keep your eyes on your own paper and stay focused during the test.”

Classroom Instructions Phrases

50 ESL Classroom Language Phrases with Examples 5

#21. Phrase: Find a partner for the activity.

  • Usage: Pairing students for a specific task or exercise.
  • Example: “Look around and find a partner for today’s collaborative activity.”

#22. Phrase: Present your project to the class.

  • Usage: Asking students to share their completed projects with the whole class.
  • Example: “Each group will present their project to the class next week.”

#23. Phrase: Let’s review the lesson from yesterday.

  • Usage: Initiating a recap of the previous day’s lesson for better understanding.
  • Example: “Before we move on, let’s take a moment to review the key points from yesterday’s lesson.”

#24. Phrase: Distribute the handouts.

  • Usage: Giving students printed materials for reference or study.
  • Example: “I’ve prepared handouts for you. Please pass them around the class.”

#25. Phrase: Take a moment to reflect on your learning.

  • Usage: Encouraging students to think about their understanding and progress.
  • Example: “Before we conclude, take a moment to reflect on what you’ve learned today.”

#26. Phrase: Write your answers on the board.

  • Usage: Requesting students to share their responses by writing them on the board.
  • Example: “Each group, please write your answers on the board for everyone to see.”

#27. Phrase: Collaborate on a group project.

  • Usage: Instructing students to work together on a specific project or task.
  • Example: “Your assignment is to collaborate on a group project focusing on environmental issues.”

#28. Phrase: Let’s have a class discussion.

  • Usage: Inviting students to share their thoughts and opinions in a group discussion.
  • Example: “To deepen our understanding, let’s have a class discussion about the assigned reading.”

#29. Phrase: Submit your projects by the end of the week.

  • Usage: Setting a deadline for the completion and submission of projects.
  • Example: “Don’t forget to submit your completed projects by the end of the week.”

#30. Phrase: Prepare for a class presentation.

  • Usage: Informing students that they will be presenting a topic to the class.
  • Example: “Next week, each student will prepare for a class presentation on a chosen topic.”

Giving Feedback Classroom Language Phrases

50 ESL Classroom Language Phrases with Examples 6

#31. Phrase: Good effort!

  • Usage: Encouraging students even when the result is not perfect.
  • Example: “You may not have the correct answer, but I appreciate your good effort.”

#32. Phrase: Well done on your project!

  • Usage: Offering positive feedback on a completed project or assignment.
  • Example: “Well done on your project, everyone! I’m impressed with the creativity.”

#33. Phrase: Keep up the good work!

  • Usage: Motivating students to continue their positive efforts.
  • Example: “Your dedication is evident. Keep up the good work in your studies.”

#34. Phrase: Constructive feedback is essential for improvement.

  • Usage: Emphasizing the importance of feedback for personal and academic growth.
  • Example: “Remember, constructive feedback is essential for continuous improvement.”

#35. Phrase: I appreciate your participation in class discussions.

  • Usage: Acknowledging and praising students for actively engaging in class discussions.
  • Example: “I appreciate your thoughtful contributions during our class discussions.”

#36. Phrase: Your dedication to improvement is evident.

  • Usage: Recognizing and commending students for their commitment to getting better.
  • Example: “Your dedication to improvement in your studies is evident. Keep it up!”

#37. Phrase: Room for improvement—let’s work on that together.

  • Usage: Identifying areas where improvement is needed and expressing a willingness to work on them collaboratively.
  • Example: “There’s room for improvement in certain areas. Let’s work on that together.”

#38. Phrase: Your creativity adds a unique touch to your work.

  • Usage: Acknowledging and praising the individuality and creativity in a student’s work.
  • Example: “I must say, your creativity adds a unique and impressive touch to your work.”

#39. Phrase: You’ve made significant progress—keep it up!

  • Usage: Recognizing notable advancements and encouraging the continuation of positive efforts.
  • Example: “You’ve made significant progress in your studies. Keep up the good work!”

#40. Phrase: Thank you for your active participation in class.

  • Usage: Expressing gratitude for a student’s active involvement and contributions in class.
  • Example: “Thank you for your active participation in class. Your insights are valuable.”

Seeking Attention Classroom Language Phrases

#41. Phrase: Can I have your attention, please?

  • Usage: Politely requesting the focus and attention of the class.
  • Example: “Can I have your attention, please? We have an important announcement.”

#42. Phrase: Everyone, eyes on me.

  • Usage: Instructing everyone to redirect their attention to the speaker or task at hand.
  • Example: “Class, everyone, eyes on me. We’re starting the next activity.”

#43. Phrase: Attention, please listen up!

  • Usage: Urgently calling for the attention of the class for important information or instructions.
  • Example: “Attention, please listen up! There’s a change in the schedule for today.”

#44. Phrase: I need everyone’s focus for a moment.

  • Usage: Politely requesting the undivided attention of everyone in the class.
  • Example: “I need everyone’s focus for a moment. We’re discussing an important topic.”

#45. Phrase: Can I have a moment of your time?

  • Usage: Politely asking for a brief moment of attention from individuals or the class.
  • Example: “Can I have a moment of your time? I’d like to share some updates with you.”

#46. Phrase: Attention, students! Your focus is needed.

  • Usage: Making a direct and clear call for the attention of the students.
  • Example: “Attention, students! Your focus is needed for an announcement.”

#47. Phrase: May I have your attention for a brief moment?

  • Usage: Politely asking for a short period of undivided attention from the class.
  • Example: “May I have your attention for a brief moment? We have a special guest today.”

#48. Phrase: Listen up, everyone!

  • Usage: Using a direct and commanding tone to get the attention of the entire class.
  • Example: “Listen up, everyone! I have an important announcement to make.”

#49. Phrase: Attention, class! Important information coming up.

  • Usage: Alerting the class to prepare for crucial information or announcements.
  • Example: “Attention, class! Important information coming up. Please listen carefully.”

#50. Phrase: Can I have your eyes on the board, please?

  • Usage: Requesting students to focus their attention on a specific visual aid or information source.
  • Example: “Can I have your eyes on the board, please? We’re going over today’s lesson.”


In conclusion, these 50 ESL classroom language phrases provide a valuable resource for both teachers and students looking to enhance their language learning experience. By mastering these essential expressions, students can feel more confident in participating in classroom activities and discussions.

Teachers can also use these phrases to create a more inclusive and interactive learning environment. Whether it’s asking for clarification, giving instructions, or engaging in group work, these phrases offer practical examples that can be easily applied in real-life classroom situations.

So why not start incorporating these phrases into your daily classroom interactions and see the positive impact they can have on your ESL teaching and learning journey!

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