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Invest in your future. Online English courses with professional English teachers.

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Ezzeddine Yahyaoui

Senior Teacher, CEO & Founder

A Senior teacher who is passionate about making lessons your students love and that are easy to implement for teachers. Teaching you how to navigate your way through balanced literacy brings me joy. My desire is to give you the tools needed to move your students forward! I have been creating high quality educational resources, tech tutorials, entertainment and training sessions and serving education & learning since 2009. We offer one on one consulting as well as group trainings to professionals. Teaching you how to navigate your way through balanced literacy brings us joy. Our desire is to give you the tools needed to level your skills up and help you thrive in a professional setting! You can check my portfolio or connect with me on:

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I believe in lifelong learning and EnglEzz is a great place to learn from experts. I work in project management & joined EnglEzz because I get great courses for less. The instructors are fantastic, interesting, and helpful. I plan to use for a long time!

Tina Borisson
Tina Borisson

UI Designer

شروحاتك دائمة جميلة وبسيطة ومتقنة جدا، تحاول دائما أن تفيدنا بأفضل ما عندك من معلومات وتشرح دائما بأسلوب بسيط وجميل يفهمه المبتدئ والمحترف. من افضل المواقع التعليمية للغة الانجليزية فيها معلومات قيمه ومنوعه. شكرا لك أستاذ عز والفريق العامل معكم. محتوي مفيد ومصداقية في النشر جزاك الله خير الجزاء

Dalia Ali
Dalia Ali

Engineer Student

You’re so good at what you do. You videos are always well explained and elaborated. Also simple and easy to assimilate. Keep the good work up. Thanks a lot for your videos and teachers’ resources, they’re priceless. ^^

Ahmed Juhanni
Ahmed Juhanni

Primary school teacher

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