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Preparing Ads To Raise Money Samples And Drawings


Preparing Ads To Raise Money


Students’ Samples

This section includes ads prepared by students to convince their schoolmates to donate money. The topic was:

After coming across a UNICEF ad about helping children around the world you were deeply touched with the hardships these kids are facing. Thus, you decided to prepare a short speech to be delivered to your schoolmates to help the needy children within your region. Don’t forget to draw an illustration to further sensitize your mates.

The students were really motivated to complete the task, as the photo and video used during the class were heart touching. Below we will attach the drawings of our students as they are. really proud of you.


إشترك في قناتنا على اليوتيوب وتوصل بأحدث الدروس والشروحات أولا بأول
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Preparing Ads To Raise Money Samples And Drawings
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