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 What Is Meant By Linker?

Connectors in English language or also known as linking words help us connect our ideas and sentences when you want to speak or write in English.


What Are The Examples Of Linkers?

As you may have noticed, connectors are of different communicative functions. They include a large groups of words or expressions that are meant to link our speech or writings and make them more coherent and get your message through. Here are some examples of them with the correspondant communicative functions. You can refer to our Grammar section to get more details.

LinkersCommunicative Function / Use
Nonetheless Contrast
As well asAddition
BecauseCause / Reason
So ThatPurpose

Linking Words Quiz with Answers - Test Your Grammar

???? Fill in the following quiz with appropriate connector or linking words from the box below. Some linkers could be use more than once and some sentences could have multiple choices.

as well as   ·  despite   ·  not only   ·  although   ·  nonetheless   ·  however   ·  unlike   ·  unless   ·  since   ·  so that   ·  in order to   ·  too   ·  but also   ·  despite   ·  because   ·  besides   ·  and   ·  whereas   ·  so as to   ·  unfortunately   ·  moreover
1. The teacher got angry the students behaved well.
2. Davinci sculpted, invented many creative projects.
3. Danny works hard he can finish early today.
4. Sarah lived for four years in Peru know more about the country culture.
5. Jane loves reading short stories her sister, Barbara, likes playing video games.
6. Mobile phones have made communication easier , they are good means of entertainment .
7. Sami works in media company offers services online.
8. My friends did not go on holiday they had not saved enough money.
9. , I came late to school I missed the bus.
10. your are more than 18, you are not allowed to go to night clubs.
11. I sent a text message to Michael he did not forget our date.
12. Mike plays the flute and the piano. , he writes songs.
13. The football match was cancelled there were not enough children to play.
14. Justin works very hard,  he doesn’t earn much.
15. it was raining, she went out without umbrella.
16. We ran for the bus. we missed it.
17. my sister, Rebecca, has green eyes, mine are blue.
18. Mom was very tired;  she went on shopping.
19. I have asked you a hundred times not to leave your dirty socks on the floor.  , you keep doing it.
20. The car company is doing well.  , they aren’t going to expand this year.

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The exercise is designed and copyrighted to Raqmedia EFL English professional teacher and teacher trainer Mr. Ezzeddine Yahyaoui. Explanations of the above task answers are on this channel.
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In this online English grammar for intermediate and upper-intermediate students, we covered the following areas:
  • Sentence connectors
  • Connectors in English
  • شرح ادوات العطف او الربط الانجليزية قواعد اللغة الانجليزية
  • Linking words explanation
  • Connectors Examples
  • Connectors words quiz
  • Connectors grammar شرح
  • What are linkers in English?
  • What is linking words and examples?
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دروس في تعلم اللغة الانجليزية ضمن سلسلة التمارين التفاعلية لتعلم لغة انجليزية مجانا كاملة. تساهم في تحسين المستوى المعرفي للمتعلم والطلاب بصفة عامة. ستتمكن من خلال هذا التمرين التفاعلي من شرح Linking words ادوات العطف او الربط الانجليزية قواعد اللغة الانجليزية. رجاء قم بمشاركة المقال ليستفيد غيرك ودمتم متميزين في رحلة التعلم والمعرفة.

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