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Conjunctions: and but so because Exercises with Answers Quiz

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Are you ready to master the art of using conjunctions effectively in your writing? Get ready to put your grammar skills to the test with our Conjunctions: and but so because Exercises with Answers quiz! Whether you’re a grammar enthusiast looking to sharpen your knowledge or a student aiming to improve your language skills, this quiz has something for everyone.

With three levels of difficulty, you can challenge yourself and track your progress as you navigate through a series of engaging exercises.

EFL Lesson Details

Grammar ItemConjunctions
ObjectivesMaster the usage of “and,” “but,” “so,” and “because” in different contexts,
Distinguish between their roles in sentences,
Enhance overall communication skills
Activity TypeInteractive Quizzes with Examples and Corrections
LevelsBeginners, Intermediate, and Advanced
Exercise FocusPractice using “and,” “but,” “so,” and “because” in sentences, Identify appropriate conjunctions for different situations, Apply conjunctions in writing
Quiz Questions30
Learning OutcomesImproved understanding of conjunctions, Ability to use them appropriately in conversations and writing, Increased confidence in English grammar
Materials NeededInternet connection for online quizzes

Conjunctions: and but so because Exercises & Language Test Quiz

Embarking on the journey of mastering English grammar, especially conjunctions “and,” “but,” “so,” and “because,” can be both challenging and rewarding. In this comprehensive blog post, we present “Conjunctions: and, but, so, because English Grammar,” offering a curated set of exercises for teachers and learners. Conjunctions, acting as linguistic bridges, connect ideas and enhance the flow of language but can be tricky.

Our exercises aim to demystify these essential elements of English grammar. 🚀 Don’t miss out on the fun – play now and boost your language skills! 🌐🎉 or check our English courses and exclusive services.

Conjunctions: and, but, so, because Grammar Quiz

Our online exercises offer a dynamic learning experience. Immerse yourself in interactive quizzes that challenge and reinforce your understanding of conjunctions “and,” “but,” “so,” and “because.” Each exercise is accompanied by detailed examples and corrections, providing valuable insights into usage nuances.

Free Interactive ESL English Grammar Exercises

Engaging in these exercises is not merely a task; it’s a strategic step towards mastering English grammar. Conjunctions “and,” “but,” “so,” and “because” are essential in connecting ideas, making communication more effective. Teachers, equip your students with the tools for seamless expression. Learners, elevate your language skills effortlessly.

🚀 Your journey to confident English communication starts now! 🌐✨

English Language Learning Quiz

Welcome to EnglEzz Language Learning Quiz! Choose an exercise level, start the quiz, click on the right alternative and hit “Submit” for each question within 20 seconds. Good luck! 😊

Designed for both teachers seeking effective teaching resources and learners eager to enhance their language skills, these exercises are an invaluable asset in the journey towards English proficiency.

Great job on completing the Exercises! 🌐✨ You’ve taken a significant step in mastering English grammar.

Conjunctions: and, but, so, because Grammar Rules

andConnects similar ideas, Adds information“I like coffee, and I like tea.”Essential for creating compound sentences
butContrasts ideas, Adds conflict or opposition“She likes to swim, but he prefers to hike.”Used to introduce conflicting information
soShows cause and effect, Adds consequence“It was raining, so we stayed indoors.”Indicates a logical result
becauseExplains reasons, Adds justification“They left early because they had an appointment.”Provides a reason for an action

Understanding these conjunctions will refine your English expression and make your communication more articulate. Happy learning! 🌟

ESL Games Online: Conjunctions Examples

Conjunctions: and but so because Exercises with Answers Quiz 3

Exercise 1: Beginners Level

  1. Complete the sentence: “I like coffee __ I like tea.”
    • a) But
    • b) So
    • c) Because
  2. Choose the correct conjunction for the sentence: “She wants to go to the movies __ she has to finish her homework.”
    • a) And
    • b) So
    • c) Because
  3. Select the proper conjunction for the sentence: “He likes ice cream, __ he doesn’t like chocolate.”
    • a) But
    • b) And
    • c) So

Exercise 2: Intermediate Level

  1. Combine the two sentences using an appropriate conjunction: “It’s raining. We’ll stay indoors.”
    • a) And
    • b) But
    • c) So
  2. Select the right conjunction for the sentence: “She practiced for hours, __ she still made mistakes.”
    • a) But
    • b) So
    • c) Because
  3. Complete the sentence: “He wanted to go to the party, __ he had to finish his work.”
    • a) But
    • b) And
    • c) So

Exercise 3: Advanced Level

  1. Explain the relationship between the two sentences: “She missed the bus. She arrived late for work.”
    • a) Because
    • b) So
    • c) And
  2. Choose the correct conjunction to show contrast: “The weather was hot, __ they decided to go skiing.”
    • a) And
    • b) But
    • c) So
  3. Connect the two sentences using the appropriate conjunction: “She studied hard. She passed the exam.”
    • a) But
    • b) So
    • c) And


In conclusion, “Conjunctions: and, but, so, because English Grammar” serves as a comprehensive guide for teachers and learners alike. Mastering conjunctions is crucial for creating well-structured and cohesive sentences, and our exercises provide the roadmap.

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