Infinitive and Gerund Exercises with Answers 3 Levels Grammar Quiz

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Master English grammar with our interactive infinitive and gerund exercises! Engage in verb+ing or infinitive challenges – Online English Grammar Exercises for teachers and learners. Enhance your language skills through fun quizzes and examples.

Welcome to Free Interactive ESL English Grammar practice exercises focusing on Gerund or Infinitive. Understanding when to use verb+ing or infinitive forms is crucial in English, and our online exercises offer an immersive learning experience.

Grammar ItemInfinitive or Gerund
Objectives Practice correct usage of Infinitive and Gerund (V+ing),
Reinforce understanding in varied contexts,
Challenge with nuanced Infinitive and Gerund application
Activity TypeMulti-Choice Exercises
LevelsBeginners, Intermediate & Advanced
Quiz Questions30

Infinitive and Gerund Exercises with Answers Quiz

🌟 Ready to level up your English grammar game? 📚💡 Dive into our interactive quizzes and explore the nuances of gerund and infinitive with these multi-levels some any grammar exercises! 🚀 Don’t miss out on the fun – play now and boost your language skills! 🌐🎉 or check our English courses ESL resources and exclusive services.

English Language Learning Quiz

Welcome to EnglEzz Language Learning Quiz! Choose an exercise level, start the quiz, click on the right alternative and hit “Submit” for each question within 20 seconds. Good luck! 😊

Remember, practice makes perfect! Use these guidelines and dive into the exercises to solidify your understanding and learn English online for free. 🚀📚

Gerund and Infinitive Grammar rules

The rules are simple but essential: gerunds are -ing forms of verbs used as nouns, while infinitives are the base form of a verb with ‘to.’ This blog post presents 10 exercises for learners at different levels, each containing 10 questions to reinforce and test your knowledge.

FormVerb + -ing (e.g., walking, talking)To + base form of the verb (e.g., to walk, to talk)
FunctionActs as a noun (e.g., I enjoy swimming.)Often used as the base form after certain verbs (e.g., I want to swim.)
ExamplesI love dancing.She decided to sing a song.
Common Verbs with GerundEnjoy, love, hate, preferCommon Verbs with Infinitive
Avoiding Gerunds or InfinitivesCertain verbs like stop or regret are followed by gerunds.Certain verbs like try or forget are followed by infinitives.
Level of CertaintyGerunds often imply a general activity.Infinitives often imply a specific intention or plan.
Exercise TipsPay attention to verbs that are usually followed by gerunds or infinitives. Practice with varied sentences to reinforce understanding.
Overall TakeawayMastering the choice between gerund and infinitive enhances language precision and fluency. Practice is key for confident usage.

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Online English Grammar Exercises with Interactive Quizzes

Engage in our interactive quizzes, packed with examples and corrections to facilitate efficient learning. Whether you’re a teacher looking for resourceful material or a learner aiming to grasp this grammar nuance, our exercises cater for all. Dive into the world of gerunds and infinitives with confidence!

Infinitive and Gerund Exercises with Answers 3 Levels Grammar Quiz 3

Online English Grammar Exercises

🚀 Dive into these quizzes and boost your English skills! 🌟 Let’s play with verb+ing or infinitive challenges! 📚 Don’t miss out on the fun, and see your grammar prowess soar! 🚀🤓 #LanguageMastery #GrammarFun

Exercise 1: Beginners Level – Gerund and Infinitive

  1. I enjoy ___________ to music.
    • a) listening
    • b) to listen
    • c) listened
  2. She promised ___________ her homework on time.
    • a) doing
    • b) to do
    • c) does
  3. They avoid ___________ in the rain.
    • a) walk
    • b) walking
    • c) to walk

Exercise 1: Intermediate Level – Gerund or Infinitive

  1. I regret ___________ you that.
    • a) telling
    • b) to tell
    • c) tell
  2. They can’t stand ___________ in line.
    • a) waiting
    • b) to wait
    • c) wait
  3. We attempted ___________ the problem.
    • a) solving
    • b) to solve
    • c) solve

Advanced Level Exercise with examples:

  1. She admitted ___________ the crime.
    • a) committing
    • b) to commit
    • c) commit
  2. I appreciate ___________ me the opportunity.
    • a) giving
    • c) gave
    • b) to give
  3. He insists on ___________ the truth.
    • a) telling
    • b) to tell
    • c) tell


In conclusion, mastering gerunds and infinitives is a key milestone in English grammar proficiency. Our Online English Grammar Exercises provide an enjoyable and effective way to hone these skills. Explore the exercises, test your understanding, and watch your grammar game elevate!

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