Free Holidays Worksheets, Activities and Games


Free Holidays Worksheets, Activities and Games

Printables, Warmers and Activities For English Teachers


In today's worksheet we will be covering holidaying theme. A topic that most is found in most English language curriculum due to the various vocabulary items that an English learner should acquire.

ESL Lesson: Vacation Vocabulary


In fact it's a topic that most of us as non native speakers need because we are leaning the language to be practiced while traveling. Using this worksheet, you will start by building vocabulary related to holidays and the most common activities and things travelers use – warm up section.

Then students are asked to paraphrase and use the language through different tasks. And by the end, in the production stage we have a writing activity.


Worksheets And Activities:


So here is the fun! These are free holidays worksheets, activities and games. With this pack which are fun and easy to implement, all for free to be downloaded, just hit the buttons below.
We will be adding more activities constantly – If you want to share yours or report a copyright infringement, feel free to contact us through this form here.


Games Printables:

A wordsearch for your pupils or learners to revise vocabulary linked to holidays.

Use this maze to have fun and practice new lexis by circling Christmas words:



Criteria Details
Level Intermediate / Upper-intermediate / Advanced
Format PDF (Printable)
Pages Six Pages
Skills Reading – Speaking
Theme Holidays and travel
Textbook Unit 01 Lesson 1 – 4th Year


Disclaimer: The resources are shared for educational purposes and exclusively copyrighted to EnglEzz. Keep checking this post as new worksheets and printables will be uploaded as soon as they are available. To recommend a handout or upload yours, or for any copyright infringement, please report it immediately or contact us here.

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