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Talking about Your Family in English With Worksheets

Talking about Your Family in English With Worksheets

In our English vocabulary learning series, we are going to learn the names of the family members and their relationships. One of the most useful lexis to language learners is how to address your family properly. Families are of different sizes, However; they are mainly of two categories. They can be either nuclear / small or large – check the provided examples and worksheets for more details.

Speaking about Family and Relatives in English

You can learn some examples through our interactive course in the video below. Here you can listen, repeat and simply practice all the family members’ names in English. ????????


Names Of The Family Members with Arabic Translation:

These are the names of the family members in English with their equivalents in Arabic:

أسماء أفراد العائلة بالإنجليزية والعربى للمبتدئين بالصوت والصورة

  • Father = الأب
  • Mother = الأم
  • Brother = الأخ
  • Sister = الأخت
  • Grandfather = الجد
  • Grandmother = الجدة

ُExamples with Family Members Names:

Ahmed has got two brother and a sister.
Our family is small: my parents and my brother.
I will be there by Tuesday.

Family Members Pictionary:


Now its time we get some common questions and answers about family members names and relationships. Listen carefully, repeat and practice your new vocabulary.


Other Family Relationships with Arabic Translation:

These are the names of the relatives in a family in English with their equivalents in Arabic:

تعليم اسماء افراد العائلة بالانجليزية

    • Cousin = إبن العم أو الخال
    • Aunt = العمة أو الخالة
    • Uncle = عم أو خال
    • Nephew = حفيد(ة)
    • Niece = بنت الأخ أو الأخت
    • Mother-in-law = صهر
    • Fiance = خطيب
    • Fiancee = خطيبة
    • Stepmother = أم الزوجة أو الزوج
    • Stepfather = أب الزوجة أو الزوج
    • Mother-in-law = حماة
    • Husband = زوج
    • Wife = زوجة




Download free family vocabulary worksheets, puzzles, crosswords and flashcards for beginners from the link below. This vocabulary lesson is targeted to the beginners and intermediate to build their basic vocabulary in English and help them speak confidently. You can check the cardinal and ordinal numbers here.



Here are the proper pronunciation of the vocabulary items with this funny song from Sinigsing channel. Enjoy!!

Now! You are able to talk about your family members in English. Congratulations and keep practicing for better mastery. Thanks for your attention. Hope you liked the lesson and see you again in an other English lesson in our coming courses. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters to receive new tips right to you inbox.

Disclaimer: The resources are shared for educational purposes and exclusively copyrighted to EnglEzz. Keep checking this post as new worksheets and printables will be uploaded as soon as they are available. To recommend a handout or upload yours, or for any copyright infringement, please report it immediately or contact us here.

Unit Eight Grammar: Linking Words
I. Choose the correct linking words to complete the sentences:
1. Alberto is saving money buy a new car.

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  1. اليك بعض المفردات في الانجليزية المتعلقة بالعائلة، إضافة لبعض اسماء افراد العائلة مع الترجمة الى العربية. مع هذه الدروس ستزيد مخزونك من مفردات اللغة الانجليزية لتتحدثها بطلاقة. لتتعلم الانجليزية بطريقة سهلة و سريعة تابع دروسنا ضمن سلسلة دروس المفردات والمحادثات مع النطق ولا تنسى أنها باللهجة البريطانية. (y)

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