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Subject and Object Pronouns Exercises with Answers Grammar Quiz

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Enhance your English proficiency with our engaging Subject and Object Pronouns Exercises! Dive into multi-choice quizzes designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. Elevate your grammar skills, reinforce concepts, and enjoy interactive learning. Perfect for teachers seeking dynamic resources and learners craving effective online English grammar practice. Start the quiz now for a fun and educational experience!

Lesson Details

Grammar ItemSubject and Object Pronouns Exercises
Objectives– Reinforce subject and object pronoun usage
– Enhance grammar skills across proficiency levels
Activity TypeMulti-Choice Exercises Quiz
LevelsBeginners, Intermediate & Advanced
Quiz Questions30

Subject and Object Pronouns Exercises

Embark on a journey of English language mastery with our Free Interactive ESL English Grammar Practice Exercises on Subject and Object Pronouns. Unravel the intricacies of these essential components through engaging quizzes tailored for learners at all levels.

Subject pronouns, such as ‘I’ and ‘he,’ represent the doer of the action, while object pronouns, like ‘me’ and ‘him,’ receive the action. Let’s explore these nuances together in this comprehensive guide.

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Subject and Object Pronouns 3 Levels Grammar Quiz

Mastering Subject and Object Pronouns is pivotal for clear communication in English. These exercises lay the foundation for effective expression, whether writing, speaking, or understanding others. Ready to elevate your grammar game?

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English Language Learning Quiz

Welcome to EnglEzz Language Learning Quiz! Choose an exercise level, start the quiz, click on the right alternative and hit “Submit” for each question within 20 seconds. Good luck! 😊

Immerse yourself in our free interactive ESL English Grammar practice exercises focusing on Subject and Object Pronouns. Designed for both teachers and learners, these online quizzes offer a dynamic platform to hone language skills.

Navigate through examples, receive instant corrections, and reinforce your understanding of these fundamental grammar elements. Dive into a seamless learning experience, where educational technology meets linguistic precision.

English Grammar Rules

Mastering these pronouns is essential for clear and effective communication. 🌐 Dive into our quizzes to solidify your understanding! Click here to play and enjoy the interactive learning experience. Let’s level up together! 📚✨

Grammar ItemRule
Subject Pronouns‘I’ is used with singular subjects (First Person)
‘He’, ‘She’, ‘It’ are used with singular subjects
‘You’, ‘We’, ‘They’ are used with plural subjects
Examples“She is a doctor.” / “They are students.”
Object PronounsObject pronouns receive the action: ‘Me’, ‘Him’, ‘Us’, etc.
ImportanceFoundation for clear and precise expression in English

ESL Games Online: Subject and Object Pronouns Examples

Exercise 1: Beginners Level

  1. “___ am excited about the trip.” (a) I (b) He (c) Them
  2. “She invited ___ to the party.” (a) I (b) Me (c) We
  3. “Can you help ___ with the homework?” (a) They (b) Her (c) He

Exercise 2: Intermediate Level

  1. “Give ___ a moment to explain.” (a) He (b) She (c) Them
  2. “The teacher gave the award to ___.” (a) We (b) Us (c) They
  3. “___ always enjoyed visiting the museum.” (a) He (b) Them (c) Her

Exercise 3: Advanced Level

  1. “___ said they would come, but ___ hasn’t arrived yet.” (a) He/He (b) They/She (c) I/You
  2. She handed ___ the document, and I gave ___ my report.” (a) Us/Him (b) Me/Them (c) Her/You
  3. “Neither he nor his friends were aware that ___ had won the award.” (a) She (b) We (c) Him
Subject and Object Pronouns Exercises with Answers Grammar Quiz 3


In conclusion, mastering Subject and Object Pronouns is a linguistic key that unlocks clear communication. From beginners to advanced learners, our interactive exercises cater to all, providing a robust foundation for effective English language usage. Dive in, practice, and witness your language proficiency flourish!

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