Present Perfect With Ever / Never Quiz & Worksheets

In today’s English language grammar quiz we will be practising the use of the present perfect with Ever and Never. These ESL Activities, Games and Worksheets are brought to you by Raqmedia Learn English.

Ever and Never Exercises With Answers

This quiz will help you answer some of the most common questions such as:

  • How do you use ever and never in present perfect?
  • What is the difference between ever and never?
  • How do you use never present simple?
  • What is the tense of had never been? 

Using ever and never with the Present Perfect

We use ever or never to talk about actions that happened at an unknown time in the past. To indicate that the present perfect is used to talk about life experiences.
Yet, in some other cases we use these two adverbs for different purposess – you can check our English grammar section for further details – in order to give advice or in statements or fact such as:
“I never go out under the rain without umbrella.”
“Never skip school lesson.”

If you want details on the use of the adverbs never and ever check our Grammar section or refer to the following Present Perfect lesson:

Present Perfect with Ever / Never Quiz

Now it’s time to test your English grammar level with this interactive present perfect with ever or never ESL game.
An online quiz to test your understanding of the Present Perfect tense in English with ever and never. The quiz is for intermediate level learners and above. Check this entertaining online exercise on connectors in English:
???? امتحانات تفاعلية اونلاين لغة إنجليزية ????
Please do share your score in the comment section below. Don’t forget to send it to your friends to defy them ^^.

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Present Perfect with Ever / Never Quiz

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You can download present perfect worksheets and practicing handouts from the following English Grammar post.

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