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As we all know, computers have become a part of daily routine and obviously an essential tool that governs several activities and life tasks. For all these reasons, it is surely a must for those planning to acquire a new language to care about such vocabulary items.

Talking About Computers – Basic English Speaking


Knowing computer-related vocabulary will help you speak English confidently while you are having a conversation. This vocabulary lesson will be more important to those who are learning English for business or academic purposes – also known as EPS which stands for English for Specific Purposes.


You can learn some examples through our interactive course in the video below. Here you can listen, repeat and simply practice some of the most common ESL / EFL expressions and phrases used to name parts of the computer.


Parts Of The Computer Names with Arabic Translation:


These are the most common computer parts names with their equivalents in Arabic:

دروس في اللغة الإنجليزية: المفردات الإنجليزية للكُمبيوتر والإنترنت

  • Monitor = شاشة
  • Mouse = فأرة
  • Printer = آلة الطباعة
  • Keyboard = لوحة المفاتيح
  • Central Unit = الوحدة الرئيسية للكمبيوتر
  • Software = برنامج
  • Spam = نافذة مزعجة إعلان
  • Virus = فيروس
  • Button = مفتاح زر
  • Latop = حاسوب محمول
  • Desktop = حاسوب مكتبي
  • Touch Pad = لوحة اللمس
  • Database = قاعدة البيانات
  • Modem / Router = مودم
  • Download = تحميل
  • Upload Files = رفع ملفات
  • RAM = الذاكرة العشوائية
  • Hard Disk = القرص الصلب
  • Graphic card = بطاقة الرسومات
  • Processor = المعالج
  • Speakers = أبواق
  • Microphone = ميكروفون
  • Webcam = كاميرا المحمول ويب كام

Download free crosswords, puzzles, worksheets and flashcards about the most common ESL / EFL expressions and phrases used to talk about parts of the computer for beginners from the links below. This vocabulary lesson is targeted to the beginners and intermediate to build their basic vocabulary in English and help them speak confidently. You can review the expressions to talk about your family in English in our lesson here.

Disclaimer: The resources are shared for educational purposes and exclusively copyrighted to EnglEzz. Keep checking this post as new worksheets and printables will be uploaded as soon as they are available. To recommend a handout or upload yours, or for any copyright infringement, please report it immediately or contact us here.

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Now! You are able to talk about the parts of the computer in English. Congratulations! ???? And keep practicing for better mastery. Thanks for your attention. Hope you liked the lesson and see you again in an other English lesson in our coming courses. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters to receive new tips right to you inbox.

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