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English Pronunciation Lesson – Homophones

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English Pronunciation Lesson – Homophones

Are you Confused about the spelling and pronunciation of certain words that sound the same, then you can check this article to get a better pronunciation skills.


English Homophones You Should Know


Homophones are words that are said ( i.e: have the same pronunciation) and spelled the same way as another word but have a different meaning. Here are some examples:


    • sail – move by wind power


    • sale – bargain price


    • scene – landscape


    • seen – viewed


    • sea – ocean segment


    • see – observe with eyes


    • seam – joining edge


  • seem – appear
    • hi – hello


  • high – up far
    • hoarse – croaky


  • horse – riding animal
    • hole – opening


  • whole – entire
    • holey – full of holes


    • holy – divine


  • wholly – entirely
    • hour – sixty minutes


    • our – belonging to us


    • knead – massage


    • need – desire


    • knight – feudal horseman


    • night – evening


    • knot – tied rope


    • not – negative


    • know – have knowledge


    • no – opposite of yes


    • lead – metal


    • led – was the leader


    • lessen – make smaller


    • lesson – class


    • loan – lend


  • lone – solitary
    • made – did make


  • maid – servant
    • mail – postage


  • male – opposite of female



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