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1. Introduction to Verb Tenses
A quick look at the English verb tenses, under five minutes. This course is designed to help beginners of English understand the basic concepts of verb tenses. It covers the different verb tenses, their structures, and their uses in sentences. The course includes examples and exercises to help learners practice using verb tenses correctly.
2. Present Tenses
The present tenses are used to talk about actions or states of being that are happening right now or that occur regularly. There are three present tenses in English: the present simple, the present continuous, and the present perfect.
3. Past Tenses
4. Future Tenses
5. Conditional Tenses
6. Practice Exercises
7. Using Verb Tenses in Sentences
8. Common Mistakes and Exceptions
9. Conclusion and Summary
Conclusion and Summary
English Verb Tenses Explained Course with Certificate
About Lesson
  1. Verbs are words that express actions or states of being. In English, verbs can be changed to reflect the time at which an action or state of being occurs. These changes are known as verb tenses.

2. Verb tenses are the different forms of verbs that indicate the time at which an action or state of being occurred. There are three main verb tenses in English: past, present, and future. Each of these tenses can be further divided into different forms, such as simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous.
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