Airport Check In ESL Vocabulary With Worksheets

دروس في اللغة الإنجليزية: مصطلحات ومفردات إنجليزية في المطار

Airport check-in ESL Vocabulary Worksheets

Travelers are some of the most people who need language learning. They are in constant contact with foreign people, hence they need to have short conversations in order to get to reach their destinations or get answered for the different inquiries they have.

For all the mentioned reasons, English language learners should be adept at using the required vocabulary items that are commonly used at the airport. However, one of the most common conversation is while checking in at the custom service or finding your way there.

You can learn some examples through our interactive course in the video below. Here you can listen, repeat and simply practice some of the most common ESL / EFL expressions and phrases used at the airport and recycle your travel English. ???? ????

Useful English Vocabulary Words At The Airport with Arabic Translation:

These are the most common expressions and phrases used at the airport check-in with their equivalents in Arabic:

دروس في اللغة الإنجليزية: مصطلحات ومفردات إنجليزية في المطار

  • Where do I check in?  = أين يمكنني التحقق من الوثائق؟
  • Where is the airport terminal? = أين تقع بوابة الوصول في المطار
  • All passengers should go to gate 8. = على كل المسافرين التوجه إلى البوابة عدد 8
  • Seal your passport. = الرجاء أختم جواز سفرك
  • Business class in a plane = درجة رجال الأعمال في الطائرة
  • How to book a ticket for next flight to Paris? = كيف يمكنني إقتناء تذكرة للرحلة القادمة إلى باريس؟
  • Can I check your passport, Sir? = هل تسمح لي بتفقد جوازك سيدي؟
  • What is the allowed luggage weight? = ما هو الوزن المسموح بحمله من الأغراض؟
  • The allowed luggage weight is 20 kg. = الوزن المسموح بحمله من الأغراض هو 20 كيلوغرام
  • Turn off your mobile phone while taking off.= أغلقوا هواتفكم النقالة عند إقلاع الطائرة
  • The plane lands at 10 o’clock. = تهبط الطائرة في حدود العاشرة صباحا
  • You need to confirm your booking. = يجب أن تؤكد حجزك
  • I would like to cancel my booking. = أريد أن ألغي حجزي
  • All flights to New York are cancelled. = جميع الرحلات إلى نيويورك تم إلغائها
  • When is the boarding time, Sir? = متى يكون وقت الصعود؟
  • Will the flight to London leave on time. = هل ستغادر رحلة لندن في الوقت المقرر؟
  • You have an excess baggage of ten kilos. = لديك حمولة إضافية بعشرة كيلوغرامات
  • I don’t have baggage, Sir. = ليس لدي حقائب سيدي
  • Please Put on your seat belt. = رجاءاً وضع حزام الأمان
  • Can I recline my seat. = هل بالإمكان أن ألغي حجز مقعدي؟
  • What is the purpose of your visit to Liverpool? = ؟ماهو سبب دواعي  زيارتك إلى ليفربول
  • I am on vacation. = أنا في إجازة ( سبب السفر )
  • How long do you intend to stay in Oxford? = كم من المتوقع أن تمكث في أكسفورد؟
  • How much local currency do you have? = كم من العملة المحلية لديك للتصريح؟

At The Airport Vocabulary – Basic English Speaking

Download free crosswords, puzzles, worksheets and flashcards about the most common ESL / EFL expressions and phrases used at the airport or at the check in for beginners from the links below.
This vocabulary lesson is targeted to the beginners and intermediate to build their basic vocabulary in English and help them speak confidently. You can review the expressions to talk about your family in English in our lesson here.

At The Airport Vocabulary Worksheets PDF

At The Airport Crosswords
At The Airport Vocab Worksheet 1
At The Airport Vocab Worksheet 2
At The Airport Vocab Worksheet 3
At The Airport Pictionary Worksheets
At The Airport Free Flashcards Printables
At The Airport Reading Comprehension 1
At The Airport Reading Comprehension 2
At The Airport Role Plays Conversations 1
At The Airport Role Plays Conversations 2
At The Airport Vocabulary & Reading Tests

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